Doctors Schedule & Appointments Management System
Doctor's Schedule & Appointment Management System

The world is moving towards digital transformation in every sector and the service sector is very effectively adopting the new technologies to keep up with the trends. Today’s modernization is much more than simply creating an online version of any healthcare services for society. It is also to integrate safety and convenience to the patients. Especially in this time when the world is facing an unprecedented circumstance caused by the pandemic COVID-19 outbreak throughout the world. To provide aid for all the health centers of a variety of sizes and scales, we have developed an Online Doctor's Schedule & Appointment Management System.

This web-based application is an accessible platform for the patients and the doctors to come in contact with a simple and user-friendly interface. The need for the doctors and their patients to meet in-person is eliminated and also eliminates any geographical barrier. The system is designed to serve any stand-alone clinic, multi-specialty hospital, or any healthcare center with modules that can be customized for specific needs.

To book appointments, users need to register themselves and create a profile after making payment. On the website, the list of doctors and departments are visible to the users with their schedule. The user can book an appointment with the doctor of their preference for a video-consultation or can choose to visit the facility as the available schedule. After consultation, the doctor’s prescription with suggested tests and medicines gets recorded on the portal which the patients can access anytime after logging in. The patient can also choose to select the prescribed tests and medicines to be delivered at their home within the same portal. The reports of tests get uploaded on the system for the doctors to review.

The process of attending patients for the doctors gets simplified with all the required details shown in one place. Patient’s basic details, test reports and medicines are shown on the portal specifically for the patients being attended. The doctor gets a space to write specific prescriptions and the tests and medicines to be advised are easily available through the drop-down feature. The patient’s tests reports get uploaded on the system for the doctors to review it on the follow-up interaction with the patient.

For every hospital or clinic, the admin has the access to dynamically manage all the aspects of the system. With customized modules and various masters, all the processes involved in the treatment are taken into account. The well-designed system makes the complex process of manually arranging appointments simple and time-saving. Any hospital or clinic having multiple doctors and departments can now take bookings against the available doctors as per their schedule. The number of patients any department or doctor wants to attend in every slot can be pre-defined so the system automatically updates with available slots. Creating a doctor’s profile, scheduling, managing departments or changing fees and availability are all carried out with simple steps.

The most prominent feature for doctors and patients is that they can use this portal to come in contact with each other without any geographical barrier. On this portal, the patients can book appointments with any doctor they want for treatment and all their health records and prescriptions will stay in one place. Doctors can very well consult their patients remotely and write prescriptions and any required tests or activities, just like an in-person consultation session.

Highlighted Features:
  • › Easy Registration: Patients create a profile and fill all the required details when registering on the portal for the first time.

  • › Simple Interface: Available slots for the listed doctors and their time are displayed in easy to understand format.

  • › Doctors Master: Admin can create a doctor’s profile and department-wise doctor’s list with schedule.

  • › Department Master: Easy to create multiple departments for multi-speciality facilities.

  • › Registration Fee Master: Fees for different services and appointments can be pre-defined according to the hospital’s criteria.

  • › Payment Gateway: For registration and appointments with the doctors, the patients need to make the payments which come integrated within the system.

  • › Online Appointment: Patients can book an appointment with their preferred doctor from the available slots for in-person consultation.

  • › Video-call Consultation: Doctors can attend the patients on a video calls and write prescriptions within the portal.

  • › Medicines and Tests advised by the doctor will be sent to the patient login as Proforma Invoice with the link in Carting System to login and patient party can   opt/select the medicines or tests of their interest to proceed with payment for Home Delivery or Sample Collect option for tests.

  • › E-prescription: Both patients and doctors get a prescription that can be downloaded for future references.

  • › Reports Review: When the patients make a follow up for reviewing reports or repeat consultation, it gets recorded in the system.

  • › Database Management: Admin can easily export the reports of all the activities running through this system reports to Excel sheets for understanding and    references.

  • › Customization: Easily customization to suit specific needs of every type of hospital or clinic.