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Email Newsletter is an effective marketing tool which can promote your business or offerings periodically to the potential buyer by sending HTML promotional mails. Newsletter is one of the most cost effective ways of online marketing nowadays. Using this mailing system you are not only developing personal relation with prospective clients but also advertise about latest offerings and impel the readers to opt for them. You can send unique, personalized email newsletters to your prospective buyers / clients using HTML Mailing System.

By using Ignite Creation's Online Newsletter System, you can tap the immense potential of new market segments. The online Newsletter system is easy to use, easy to handle and easy to maintain capability. Email Newsletter System can help you send HTML emails with formatting options.

Our bulk email solution is useful for professional services, consultants, hoteliers, travel and tourism business, stakeholders, manufacturing and distribution houses, retail markets, real estates and associations.


Built in HTML Email Templates :

Ignite Creation Newsletter System is bundled with a large number of professionally designed HTML Email Templates.

Contact Management :

Online HTML Mailing System has built in contact management system to better manage of email ids with custom fields, one click unsubscribe link and newsletter sign up forms. The contacts can be segregated in groups. Groups or Contacts can be suspended / Activated / Deleted from the system easily.

Import Export Modules :

Online Email Newsletter System has a powerful import export module bundled with it to handle your large number of email addresses into the system. Using the import export module you can import or export email addresses from and to spreadsheet files.

HTML Formatting :

The system is empowered with an online formatting tool to help you manage your content aesthetically. From general text formatting to import images, symbols, inserting tables the system supports all.

Online Display :

The Newsletter System is built to store your Newsletter campaigns online according to the date of publishing for future display.

Campaign Management :

The Online Newsletter System has a built-in Campaign Management Feature. You can create a new campaign, run a campaign, pause a mail campaign, schedule a mail campaign using Campaign Management.

Using Cron Jobs for Safe Mailing :

Our Online Newsletter System is empowered with cron jobs on Linux servers for better management of the mailing system.

Mail Rules Setting :

Ignite Creation believes in quality services and our system has built-in rule settings to filter your Online Newsletter with daily, hourly sending limits, reply to address settings, sender address settings to prevent your server to be blacklisted

Campaign Tracking :

The HTML Newsletter System can track campaigns or can track individual mails whether they have been received at the intended mail boxes, whether they have been opened, whether they have been bounced etc.

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