Restaurant Management System
Restaurant Management System

The system is one of the finest, easiest and most comfortable software systems available to manage your restaurant, bar, confectionery and sweets shops or coffee shop. Restaurant Management System is the best management software available for stand alone restaurants or chain restaurants. It provides the best solution for one screen order, kitchen-order-printing, food cost calculations, restaurant accounting, and table management options.

Our software has an efficient and simplified Restaurant Table Reservation feature where you get a Table Map, essentially looking like a digital copy of the arrangements of tables in your restaurant. To monitor the live status of the tables, you get to see it on your POS screen, indicating which tables are occupied, which are available and which ones have been billed already.

The automated KOT, reduces the scope of manual mistakes, saves time, helps you to have real-time data of all the orders at your restaurant and eliminates monetary discrepancies. Even getting a table reserved can be quite challenging especially during peak hours and high demand periods, so digital facilities enabling prior booking of tables for a scheduled dinner, lunch, etc. will be of great benefit.

If your restaurant has a Bar, this software takes care of that too very efficiently. A Bar Order Token can be generated for the Bar counters or it can be included with the KOT, whichever you may prefer. This system is fast performing and manages your bar operations and billings to help you handle your guests better.

The ultimate purpose of this software is to generate bills fast and accurately. In this, the software’s billing capabilities are flawless. Bill cancellation, Resettlement of bills and Split billing are all inbuilt features. All the reports and bills are easy to access at any time to settle any dispute or mistakes that might occur in any case. Our Restaurant Management System helps in reduced operational costs and increased employee efficiency and engagement. The system is a smart way to have business analytics and data offers better utilization of resources and profit generation. Everything is available in a sophisticated yet simplified dashboard.

Unlike other restaurant software, it's simple to set up, easy to use and manage, allowing you to train new employees in less time and open new restaurants. Our Management System is capable of running in touch screen mode. The system is prepared in such a way that it improves client satisfaction by providing improved and better dining service. Helps you to do great business year around. The most important part of it is that the system makes you free so you can make other business plans without any hassles.

The system increases your profits by a logical table managing system so that you can accommodate more diners or take more reservations. The system helps you to turn casual visitors into regular clients. If you are a proud hotel or resort owner, then the system can be bundled with our hotel manegment package to control the total data flow of you hotel or resort and to help you make more profit.

How Restaurant Management System Works

The Restaurant Management System is designed with innovative screen ideas to help you process your work fast. The training of the staff is also very easy due to touch screen friendliness.

Advantage of using Restaurant Management System

  • › Easy to install

  • › Easy to run

  • › Easy to maintain

  • › Fully secured

  • › Simple and easy interface

  • › Restaurant employee theft deterrence

  • › Expert team for constant up-gradation of the product

  • › 20+ years of continuous product evolution

  • › Installation and support available in any place

Restaurant Management System Features
Restaurant Floor Management
  • Replicate Floor Plan layout on the screen
  • Restaurant table management
  • Table status with colour code
  • Fast table booking
  • Waiting queue
  • View running table status
Restaurant Ordering
  • On screen order and KOT generation
  • Support Item Modifiers
  • Restaurant, coffee shop, bakery or food court Offer management
  • Open item order
  • Direct printing option
  • Order and take away option
  • Chef's recommended dishes
  • Popular dishes
  • Manage non chargeable orders
  • KOT cancel option
  • APC Report
  • Sale Report
  • Offer Sale report
  • Daily Sale Report
  • Cashier Bill Report
  • Settlement Report
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Item Session Report
  • NC Report
  • Month Wise Report
  • Sale Summery Report
Restaurant Billing
  • Discount allowance and tips management
  • Bill reprint, bill cancel
  • Bill resettlement
  • Money receipt
  • Extra charge option
  • Supports bill splitting
  • Multiple settlement modes
  • Bill discount option
Guest Management
  • Regular guest store
  • Restaurant marketing
Inventory Management
  • Restaurant inventory management
  • Wastage management